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Unbelievable Height Increase (from 10 to 45 years old), 100% guaranteed!

Height increase is one of the most common interests of people around the world. Almost everybody likes to increase height, so they can get rid of high heels or reach the cabinets without a chair help.

Height increase

Absolutely height increase, will raise your self-confidence. However, it does not mean that people who have a short height, lack self-confidence, but according to observations and studies, tall people are more confident than those with rather shorter height.

In this article, we introduce you the height increase methods and factors affecting height increase.

The genetic factors

Height is a Poly Genetic quality and several different genes affect your height. Your height increases only till your twenties and after that it just increase if your growth plates remain open. It is worth mentioning that having tall parents does not necessarily means you will be tall.

Non-genetic factors

There all a huge number of non-genetic factors affecting your height increase! Some of them are environmental factors, like:

  1. Low weight at the time of birth
  2. Diseases in childhood and adolescence
  3. Getting exposed to cigarette smoke

height growth methods

You do not have any control in these factors, but you can have a height increase by some activities such as:


Doing exercises regularly will make your body active and ready to receive nutrients and energy, this promotes your growth and leads to height increase.

Enough sleep

It is one of the important fact in health and height increase. During sleeping, Pituitary gland produces growth hormone and this affects growth plates positively.

Nutrition and healthy diet

A healthy diet is necessary for height increase from birth time till the second decade of life. Vitamin D, zinc and Calcium are particularly useful for height increase.

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