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Start of the coronavirus: Everything about the emergence

Be aware but not frightened (start of the coronavirus)

Worldwide health care experts are identification, tracking and restricting new viruses from the coronavirus family that was found in one of China’s cities, named Wuhan since December.

Thousands of people have been infected by this virus so far and many people died. Some of these infected people have been cured. The highest prevalence of the virus has been observed in China, but there have also been many cases in other countries.


Where was the coronavirus found?

At the end of December, Chinese public health officials announced to the World Health Organization that a new and unknown virus caused disease with symptoms similar to pneumonia in Wuhan. They immediately recognized that the virus was from the Coronavirus family and was rapidly spreading out to Wuhan

Coronavirus is common among all animals and can sometimes infect humans by deforming them. Three other types of coronavirus have been transmitted to humans since the beginning of the year, causing SARS (Year 2) and MERS (Year 2).

Scientists think the new virus has been able to transmit to humans since early December. The virus appears to have first been found at a seafood market in Wuhan and then spread to other places. But one experiment on the disease shows that the first person to have corona disease has nothing to do with the market. Researchers are still pursuing the main source of the disease.

The type of animal from which the virus was transmitted to humans is also not clear to researchers. A research team in China released a report saying that the genetic code for the virus may have been transmitted from snake to human. Researchers, however, are uncertain about the validity of this conclusion. Other experiments on the genetics of the new virus showed that the 5% genetic sequence of the virus was identical to the coronavirus in bats. Both SARS and MERS have been transmitted from bats to humans.

  CoronaVirus: False information about the virus




Is this Coronavirus the same as SARS?

The new virus also started in China, but not the SARS virus. Because the two viruses are from the same family, they have similarities, but Corona is a completely new virus. Of course, the commonalities between the two viruses can help scientists make better use of their past experiences to stop the virus.

Could China still lie about the virus? (start of the coronavirus)

When the SARS virus spread, Chinese authorities tried to keep the truth from the WHO inspectors and give them incomplete information. But this time, Chinese authorities quickly notified the World Health Organization of the spread of the new virus. They also allowed a team of WHO professionals to work with them to solve a new problem.

“The level of cooperation of the Chinese authorities has been much higher than last year,” the US Secretary of Health said in a press conference announcing Chinese officials’ transparency about the Coronavirus.

However, critics and Chinese citizens are worried that Chinese authorities will declare the number of patients below the actual level and classify deaths from coronary heart disease as the cause of pneumonia.

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