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Lose weight by apple

Lose weight by eating apple in five days + Diet

The 5 day diet (Lose weight) with apples is the best diet for those looking for a healthy, fitness diet in the shortest time and eating apples also helps overall body health. Can eating apples really help to lose weight? The answer to the question about weight loss by eating apples is positive. But the […]

How dangerous is the coronavirus

How dangerous is the coronavirus?

Coronavirus dangerous: Currently, no one knows the answer to this question. To determine how “dangerous” the disease is, we need information about both the severity and severity of the disease and how quickly and easily it spreads. Epidemic specialists often use this tool to evaluate diseases such as new types of influenza and determine the […]

Chinese Disease

Start of the coronavirus: Everything about the emergence

Be aware but not frightened (start of the coronavirus) Worldwide health care experts are identification, tracking and restricting new viruses from the coronavirus family that was found in one of China’s cities, named Wuhan since December. Thousands of people have been infected by this virus so far and many people died. Some of these infected […]

CoronaVirus False information

CoronaVirus: False information about the virus

The coronavirus has claimed more than two lives by Monday, February 3rd. The number of confirmed cases has reached more than 6,000, and places like Hong Kong have banned travel to China to prevent further spread. But the virus is not the only thing that has spread to China and across its borders, and false […]

Daily habits

Daily habits that cause abdominal obesity

Gastric enlargement does not always occur with overeating, sometimes there are daily habits that cause this problem, quitting these habits can help to reduce your stomach. Daily habits that cause obesity Abdominal obesity causes the body to resist insulin and increases blood sugar. Excess fat in the abdomen is the main cause of death and […]


What is the reason for night coughs?

The people who suffer from coughing, their problem usually intensifies at night. Now, we are going to mention the cause of aggravated cough at night, and some treatments for this problem.   The cause of coughing at night and the treatment:   different types Maybe you think the coughs which are caused by cold, would […]