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Home Remedies for a toothache

5 Home remedies for a toothache

As you know, toothache is one of the hardest pain. The pain of toothache sometimes does not improve with anodyne and as long as you don’t visit the dentist, the pain goes on.  Don’t forget that the use of calming drugs has a bad toll on your health. In this article we will teach you other ways of treating toothache.

Note: According to the type of problem in your teeth, there‘s no guarantee of improving your toothache.

1. Clove

cloves for toothache

Clove is one of the most popular ways of treating the toothache. It’s interesting to know our ancestors used this plant to relieve pain. Place a clove on your tooth when it comes to pain.


2. Turmeric

turmeric toothache pain

Another herbal remedy is turmeric. Daily consumption of turmeric in food can prevent stomach ulcers. Turmeric can be used as a medicine or as a herbal tea. Even the use of turmeric powder in soup is very therapeutic.


3. Ginger

ginger toothache remedy

Ginger and turmeric are almost similar. The anti-inflammatory substance found in ginger can relieve pain. Ginger is also useful for digestive problems. Do not forget that eating ginger is recommended for the relief of vomiting and nausea.


4. Brine

Brime toothache pain

This solution is the easiest and fastest home remedies for a toothache. As you know, toothache can be caused by a variety of reasons. Brine can have the greatest effect to relieve pain. Salt alone is a very potent disinfectant and when combined with water, it will have a greater effect. It is recommended to use sea salt or natural salt. Mix a tablespoon of salt with a cup of water and hold the solution in your mouth for at least 30 seconds. Do this every 15 minutes to eliminate toothache.

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5. Ice

ice bag compresses

The last suggested method of the RabbitMag is to eliminate the toothache using ice. Using ice temporarily will reduce your pain. Compresses the ice in the toothache pain areas.


It is recommended that you consult your dentist before performing the above procedures.

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